Community Health Provider Alliance (CHPA) Celebrates 10 Years!

February 8, 2024 at 8:00 am

When CHPA was established 10 years ago, nobody could have predicted what would happen. Rather, our CHC leaders did what they so often do. They identified a need and acted in good faith to make it work. That is what makes our network so powerful and successful. We are made up of organizations and partners with a deep commitment to making the healthcare delivery system work better for more people.
The founding of CHPA didn’t revolutionize the integrated clinical care model of our members. However, it has shone a bright light on the incredible value that the model creates. Through our collective efforts, we demonstrate to public and private payers the incredible community impact that occurs when you combine bright minds with big hearts.
Thank you for being part of our 10th anniversary celebration. As you read this newsletter and enter the giveaway, I hope you learn something new or are reminded of something you may have forgotten that has been part of our journey thus far. More than anything, I hope you feel deeply connected to all our accomplishments as we certainly could not have done it without you.
Happy 10th anniversary CHPA network!  
Ben Wiederholt
Interim CEO