Community Health Provider Alliance (CHPA) is a non-profit accountable care organization (ACO) formed around a statewide integrated network of federally-qualified Community Health Centers (CHCs) that offers comprehensive care coordination and primary care services to our patients.

CHPA leverages the strength of our CHC’s integrated primary care model which centers the care around the patient by offering quality-based physical, behavioral, dental, specialty and ancillary care at our clinics. Our patients benefit by having affordable high-quality comprehensive care provided in their communities, in one location, centered around the patient’s full spectrum of health needs.


Our mission is to provide cost-effective, high-quality integrated primary care and preventative services to Colorado’s low-income working families and individuals. Our members formed CHPA to achieve the Triple Aim and improve care transitions and best practices in our patient-centered medical home care model; and to develop alternative payment methodologies and payment reform which decrease overall healthcare costs and increase patient satisfaction. We believe that through these endeavors, our patients will have access to a high-quality integrated comprehensive primary care delivery system.

Community Health Provider Alliance (CHPA), which was formed in 2014 as a 501(c)(3) organization, addresses the following areas of focus and shared goals for our network:

  • Quality – Improve care through shared models and best practices focused on clinical quality outcomes and care transitions
  • Expand Access – Expand access and retain patients through patient satisfaction
  • Informatics – Strategically share data to improve care and outcomes
  • Value Based Contracting – Develop innovative payment models focused on value versus volume
  • Mission Alignment – Unify with mission aligned partners to strategically position CHCs in the marketplace

CHPA is focused on achieving the Triple Aim, developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvements, to improve the health of the safety-net patient population, to enhance the patient experience of care (including quality, access and reliability) and to reduce or control the per capita cost of care.

CHPA has several ongoing programs in the areas of patient-centered medical home, clinically integrating EHR data, and improving health outcomes, which demonstrable results. CHPA involves key clinical staff from our member organizations to monitor quality outcomes, adherence to evidence-based guidelines, and ongoing evaluation of our members. Ongoing feedback is provided to CHPA members to show how their performance matches up to the guidelines as well as to their community partners and peers.

CHPA is a Colorado non-profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Membership in CHPA is open to tax-exempt organizations that are officially designated federally-qualified health centers (FQHC) in Colorado, and FQHC ‘look-alikes’ as defined by Section 1905 of the Social Security Act.

While our membership is currently focused on Colorado-based community health centers, our expert staff have extensive experience developing ACOs and independent practice associations (IPAs). If you or your community health center or primary care association has an interest in an FQHC-led accountable care model, we may be able to help you. Please contact us here for more information.

Members in CHPA agree to work as an accountable care organization focused on adopting and implementing best practices to improve the health and well-being for our patients. Our members agree to adopt and adhere to evidence-based clinical guidelines. Physicians and clinics are required to actively participate in CHPA activities and initiatives to improve the quality, efficiency and coordination of patient care, including:

  • Participation in clinical education, care coordination activities and regular clinical and quality improvement meetings,
  • Critical review of performance data and testing and demonstrating improvements and progress toward our common goals,
  • Implementation of population health management strategies, including technology, to improve systems, care coordination, and population management, and
  • Adherence to clinical guidelines, as demonstrated by performance on nationally endorsed measures and defined performance targets.

Our community health centers value high quality health care. Through CHPA, which is focused on improving care transitions and implementing best practices in medical home care coordination, developing alternative payment methodologies and payment reform, decreasing overall healthcare costs, and increasing patient satisfaction, our patients will have access to a high-quality integrated comprehensive primary care delivery system.

By participating in CHPA, members have access to various payer contracts and payment models which provide incentives through value-based contracts. We work with all types of payers, including CMS, the State’s Medicaid office, Medicare Advantage plans, Managed Care Organizations, foundations and private entities, and commercial insurance payers. CHPA has extensive contract negotiation and contract management expertise in house. We negotiate primary care capitation, professional capitation, pay for performance and ACO incentive programs, per member per month (PMPM) performance based incentives, and shared savings contracts.

Our staff is able to support your contracting questions and issues, and can advise you on various contracting topics.

Membership in Community Health Provider Alliance also provides non-financial value, including:

  • Marketplace Influence: Participating in a high-performing integrated network of comprehensive primary care brings significant interest from Federal, State and Private entities.
  • Medicaid: Our ACO aligns CHCs into an integrated network focused on achieving the Triple Aim. This provides Colorado Medicaid with a strategic statewide partner in the Accountable Care Collaborative (ACC) program focused on reducing the total cost of care and integrating physical and behavioral health. Our ACO’s efforts benefit patients, the State, and Regional Care Collaborative Organizations (RCCOs) and Regional Accountable Entities (RAEs)
  • Performance Improvement: Through shared data and analytics, our ACO uses comparative peer results to identify improvement opportunities and lessons learned. Our aim is to give our members meaningful and timely reporting to achieve the best possible results and improve the lives of our patients. We perform highly specialized analytics to identify best practices, improve outcomes and performance, and establish partnerships with cost-effective, high-quality mission-aligned specialists, hospital and ancillary providers.

At Community Health Provider Alliance, we strive to provide our members and community partners with impeccable services based on years of healthcare expertise and exceptional customer service. We offer the following services:

Contracting Solutions:

  • Payer Contract Negotiations – Value-Based contracts with Commercial Insurers
  • Contract Management and Advisement – assistance with understanding contracts, terminology, and other nuances specific to payer arrangements.
  • Value-Based Contract Modeling – designing effective alternative payment models, capitation and value-based contracts (PMPMs, ACO/QI incentive programs, shared savings and risk-based models).

Payer Relations:

  • Claims Resolution and Assistance with Payers
  • MCO Reconciliation
  • Credentialing and Network Accuracy

Medicaid Services:

  • Regional RAE Negotiation and Contract Management
  • RAE Design and Strategic Planning Services
  • Community and Partnership Development

Consulting Services:

  • Developing High Performing Provider Networks
  • Accountable Care Organization (ACO) and Independent Practice Association (IPA) models
  • Strategy and Design of Accountable Care services
  • Payment Reform and Development of Alternative Payment Models

Accountable Care Services:

  • Effective Utilization Management and Population Health Strategies
  • Quality Improvement and Practice Transformation Programs
  • Patient Centered Medical Home / Neighborhood
  • Care Management and Care Coordination/Transitions of Care

If you are interested in any of these services, please contact Kerry Cogan by clicking here and completing the form.

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